Age Grade Playing Calendar 2021-22

We are pleased to provide the Age Grade Playing Calendar for 2021-22. This includes changes approved by RFU Council on Wednesday 27 January, based on recommendations from the Governance Standing Committee, following feedback from the game. You can download the calendar by clicking on the button below.

As we’re sure you will understand, a normal season may still be a challenge next season. However, it is important that a plan is in place for you to work from as a starting point, which can be refined in line with Government and public health guidance or future restrictions. When sharing the calendar, please underline that plans might need to be modified or delayed, next season, depending on the Return to Community Rugby Roadmap stage permitted and Covid-19 landscape at that time.

This positive step in supporting local age grade planning for 2021-22 ensures we can continue to focus on retaining age grade players, despite the pandemic's challenges. The national calendar provides the framework to balance fixtures and avoid conflict with other rugby and non-rugby commitments. The main headlines of the 2021-22 Calendar are:

• All nationally organised competitions, Academy pathway and aspirational pathway activity (DPP, CB and Centre of Excellence activity and playing opportunities) and international programmes, remain pre-populated in defined weeks not to be moved.
• Removal of the club and school/college windows to allow local flexibility to schedule competitions and manage any conflicts.
• U15 and U17 CB Rugby takes place in May 2022. The change prioritises club and school/college rugby during the season and provides a precise, concentrated period for CB rugby after the core season is over. Note: U16 & 18 CB rugby weeks remain scheduled to protect exam periods.
• CB Age Grade Calendars no longer require central approval. CB Executives will provide this and check all stakeholders are consulted. CB Executives will publish on CB and partner websites.

CBs, CSUs, Academies, Centres of Excellence, RPPGs and other local stakeholders should work together to populate their county calendars as soon as possible. Greater flexibility means a collaborative approach is more important than ever, especially with the player retention challenges we face in 2021-22 and beyond. Clubs and schools/colleges will play a significant part in overcoming these, so prompt sharing of the local calendar is encouraged and appreciated.

If you have any questions or if we can support you further with this, please contact us at

Many thanks for your patience and outstanding support of our age grade players.

Age Grade Calendar

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