D&WRFU Chair of Selectors (CoS)

The CoS will report directly to the DoR The CoS will manage a team of county selectors at all Representative Rugby levels (including Age Grade – Under 20’s and Seniors), both male and female. Providing feedback to the Treasurer on planned and actual expenditure For more information please contact Jon Monaghan – email jon.volunteering@outlook.com

D&WRFU Director of Rugby

The DoR will be a member of the D&W Management Board The DoR will be responsible for both Community and Representative Rugby (Women’s & Girls, Male and Age Grade Rugby – Under 18’s and below) To promote, encourage and extend the Game throughout the Counties including (but not limited to) the coaching thereof, its development […]

D&WRFU RugbySafe Lead

The RugbySafe Lead will be a member of the D&W Governance Committee Utilising the RFU RugbySafe resources and guidelines to work with other key personnel (e.g. CB coaches and safeguarding manger) to promote best practice across all levels of the game. To inspire and engage with volunteers and parents and increase awareness of everyone’s responsibility […]

D&WRFU Military Liaison Officer

Military Liaison Officer will report directly to the Director of Rugby To manage the integration of military personnel into community and representative rugby For more information please contact Jon Monaghan – email jon.volunteering@outlook.com

Avonvale RFC – Application for Head Coach 2020/21

Avonvale RFC – Application for Head Coach Avonvale RFC having achieved promotion to Level 7 for the 2020/21 season wish to recruit an inspirational coach with the object of securing and advancing our position at that level. The purpose of this document is to outline the role, responsibilities, goals and terms of reference for the position of Head […]

Wimborne RFC – Head Coach / Player Coach

Following an extensive review of senior rugby the Committee of Wimborne RFC wish to recruit an aspirational coaching team comprising a Head Coach/Player Coach/Assistants for season 2020/21 to assist the club in achieving their objective of developing the players and the senior teams across the club. It is an exiting time for the club with […]

VACANCY – RFU Community Rugby Coach, Dorset – VACANCY

A vacancy for a full-time RFU Community Rugby Coach is currently being advertised on EnglandRugby.com https://www.englandrugby.com/about-rfu/careers-and-vacancies/current-vacancies Working as part of a team of 5 field staff covering Dorset and Wiltshire you will work hard to grow and maintain the number of people playing rugby in west Dorset. Achieving this will involve you in a wide […]