D&WRFU Club Representatives for West Dorset and the North Wiltshire/Swindon area

To be a member of the D&WRFU Council

To hold regular cluster meetings with their assigned clubs.

To ensure that the views and concerns of the clubs are voiced to the CB.

To promote best practice and the sharing of ideas among clubs.

To support the RFU full time staff, the Officers and Officials of the CB in the execution of their duties.

To be a conduit for the supply of information on a wide range of subjects, both to and from the clubs, the RFU and the CB.

To ensure that the clubs are aware of the legal requirements relating to receiving of any broadcasted materials (like PRS – GDPR – MPLC, etc).

For more information please contact Jon Monaghan – email jon.volunteering@outlook.com

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By GeraldBurden / Editor, bbp_participant, s2member_level1 on May 14, 2020