D&WRFU RugbySafe Lead

The RugbySafe Lead will be a member of the D&W Governance Committee

Utilising the RFU RugbySafe resources and guidelines to work with other key personnel (e.g. CB coaches and safeguarding manger) to promote best practice across all levels of the game.

To inspire and engage with volunteers and parents and increase awareness of everyone’s responsibility in supporting player welfare.

To review policy and monitor all Club actions to regarding the safety and welfare of players and to monitor implementation by Clubs of RFU policies to promote ways of making the game as safe as possible for players at all levels and ages.

For more information please contact Jon Monaghan – email jon.volunteering@outlook.com

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By GeraldBurden / Editor, bbp_participant, s2member_level1 on May 14, 2020