Dorset & Wilts RFU

2018-19 Volunteer Recognition Awards

Dorset & Wilts RFU recognises that Volunteers play an essential role in providing safe, enthusiastic and successful clubs.  As the CB Volunteer Coordinators, we are keen to support Club Volunteer Coordinators in valuing and rewarding volunteers.  In the coming year, we would like to assist in further improvement of Club and CB volunteer recognition, development and most importantly recruitment.


Nominations are welcome from clubs in the followings:

®         Volunteer of the Year                                ®          Volunteer of the Year in Mini & Youth

®         Administrator of the Year                          ®          Volunteer of the Year in Ladies & Girls

®         Young Volunteer of the Year                     ®          Outstanding Achievement Award

®         Groundsman of the Year                            ®          Referee of the Year

®         CVC of the Year

We hope to help share good practices and support CVC’s in developing their own award ceremonies which then feed into the county awards.  The Dorset & Wilts recognition awards are not instead of club awards and are an addition.

Clubs and individuals are invited to make Nominations in the areas above.  Nominations will also be provided by the RDO and CRC’s based on their close contacts with clubs. These will be combined with the club nominations/input for consideration by the selection panel.

The panel will consist of the D&W President, the D&W RFU representative and the Chair (or Deputy) of the D&W Club Development committee.

The nominees who don’t get selected for the main awards will receive RFU Volunteer Certificates which will be presented at the ‘Volunteers’ evening which is being planned for 4th May 2019.  This year the presentation evening will coincide with the county game between Dorset & Wilts and Berkshire and Mitsubishi Motors.

Nominations are now welcomed, the closing date is 23 March 2019.  Nominations will be reviewed and individual invites to the presentation evening will be sent out in early April. Nominations can be made by completion of the form attached and forwarded to Jon Monaghan or Donna Fielder using the e-mails below.

For further information about the awards please feel free to contact us.