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Invited attendees: Mini/Youth Chairs and Club Coaching Coordinators (or representative) from each club in Wiltshire having a Youth section, RDO and CRC staff, plus CB officials who have an open invitation to attend all Forum meetings and are most welcome..

Meeting take place 3 times per season - to fit in with reporting chain (M/Y PDC and RDP). Usually hosted at Devizes RFC from 7.30 PM until about 9 PM on 3rd Monday of Sept, Dec and Apr.

Invites are sent via GMS e-mail system to role holders “M&Y Chair”. and “Junior Chair” please ensure the role is set on GMS otherwise you won’t get invites and other important information.

Standing agenda:

Midi Competitions, Junior Competitions:, CB Age Grade squads & DPP, Regulation issues (including AGCR), Safeguarding/Discipline issues, GMS system issues, Coach Training (RDO lead items), AOB (big topics please notify to Secretary in advance)

Notes from previous meetings:

Wiltshire Forum Minutes 30 Sept 2019

Wiltshire Youth Forum Minutes Sep 2018

Joint Dorset & Wiltshire Forum Agenda 17 April 2018 at Salisbury RFC

Wilts Forum Jan 2018 Minutes

Wilts Youth Forum Minutes Sept 2017

WESTBURY RFC Recruitment Policy


Dorset Youth Forum

Meetings move around to various clubs in Dorset, 3 times a year, usually 1 week after the Wiltshire forum meeting, also reporting to YPDC and RDP

 Standing agenda:

Midi Competitions, Junior Competitions:, CB Age Grade squads & DPP, Regulation issues (including AGCR), Safeguarding/Discipline issues, GMS system issues, Coach Training (RDO lead items), AOB (big topics please notify to Secretary in advance)

Notes from previous meetings: 

Notes of the Dorset Forum 15 October 2018

Notes of the Dorset Forum 25th Sep 2017


Constituent Body policy with respect to Youth and Continuum Rugby (Under 7 to Under 18) including the implementation of RFU policy is vested in the Dorset and Wilts Rugby Development Partnership assisted by the Chair of the Dorset & Wilts Youth Joint Forum.

AGE GRADE RUGBY PLAYING CALENDAR 2019-20 As approved by RFU. NO variation permitted.

Club festivals for above U11 may be in Club windows (orange) only 

AGRPC (Approved) 2019-20 - Dorset Wilts



The RFU Youth Registration Scheme has been mandatory from September 1st 1998. The system is administered for the RFU by Youth Registrars with each CB overseeing club youth registrars, providing help and training.

All clubs must have a Youth Registrar responsible for carrying out this process at Club Level using The GMS Registration Module. The CB Youth Registrar is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate training is given to new registrars or is providing additional training or advice if requested.

Although clubs may spread the work among more than 1 person with the Youth Registrar role, we ask that there is one single point of contact per club.

That person is responsible for ensuring all registrations for the club are done correctly and timely. It is important that when this role changes in a club, the CB Youth Registrar is aware and will offer advice to the new incumbent.

To be eligible to play for the club, every player must be registered on the RFU database – this is a module within GMS that only Registrars have access to.

This applies to all Youth Players between the ages of 5 and 19.

The only exceptions to Youth Registration are if they only play in senior/adult games i.e. over 17 and do not play in Colts matches. If they are playing both senior and youth rugby, they must be registered in both schemes, i.e. in compliance with adult and youth registration policies.

Making a player a club member with a membership scheme of youth player does not register the child as a player.

When transferring players already registered to your club, the system will generate a notification form which is sent, automatically via GMS, to the donating club.

Ensure all changes of address and school for the player are updated at this point.

Once registered the player (and parent) must then be made a club member on GMS. The CB Youth Registrar is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate training is given to new registrars or is providing additional training or advice if requested.


NB: Only Clubs that hold the RFU accreditation, or are making tangible progress towards achieving it, can host festivals and must be authorised to do so.

If in doubt, check with your RDO.

Application for permission to organize Festivals must be made on the form linked below (giving at least two months’ notice) to the Constituent Body via the CB Safeguarding Compliance Manager (David Wookey) and to include the playing structure of the festival. For Midi/Youth (U12 and above inclusion) Festivals for clubs will only be approved in Club Windows on the Age Grade Playing Calendar. For Schools only in the BLUE Schools Windows (Schools apply to Janet Edwards even if held on Club premesis). If clubs/Schools from outside the home Union (RFU) are attending, inbound tour approval must be sought from the CB Hon Sec or Schools Union as approriate (Reg 10 Refers)

Forms and Guidance:

Festival Approval Guidance RFU Regulation 15

Club Festival Application

Schools application

Inbound Cross Union club application

Players are limited to the maximum number of minutes playing time, as shown in Regulation 15.11 Clubs must obtain written team sheets recording the name and date of birth of all players taking part in EACH game for comparison with player registration cards (which must be available for inspection at the event).

These squad lists must be retained following the festival by the organising club and must be made available, if required by a Dorset & Wilts RFU Representative or the RDO.

Following the conclusion of a festival, the organising club must supply such statistical information in respect of the competition, as required by Dorset & Wilts RFU Youth Rugby Representative or the RDO.

Failure to obtain approval is a breach of regulation, which is a disciplinary offence.

TOUR ORGANISATIONRegulation 10 refers

A tour is an exciting way to build identity and team spirit. It provides an opportunity for everyone to get to know one another better and to establish effective team and individual development. When planning a tour consider who it is for its aim and purpose. Remember a Mini/Youth Tour is for the benefit of the Children: Adults attending should behave accordingly. Always remember that on tour, you are an ambassador for your club, county, country and the game. ALL tours, incoming or outgoing within the Home Nations, must be detailed within the Youth Fixtures lists as detailed above. Permission to tour is not required for tours in England but applications to tour or host touring sides from outside the jurisdiction of the RFU should be made at least two months in advance to the Hon Gen Secretary of Dorset & Wilts RFU, via the senior club secretary. Senior club secretaries hold ‘Permission to Tour’ application forms or they can be downloaded from


The club will receive approval to tour, or host the incoming tour, when permission has been granted. No further organisation should be conducted until permission has been granted (i.e. no financial transactions should take place or confirmation of matches, accommodation etc.). Please ensure that this procedure is followed, even if a company is arranging your tour on your behalf. Tours proceeding without approval are a breach of regulation which is a disciplinary offence.

TOURING/ PLAYING OUT OF SEASONRegulation 10 & 11 refers

Only pre-approved activities will be allowed during the closed season. The Rugby Football Union will only permit Tours in the close season where the playing season in the overseas country concerned differs from that laid down.

No other out of season fixture, festival or tour will be permitted in the close season, unless it involves “Pre-Approved Activities” Only.

PLAYING OUT OF AGE GRADE - MINI MIDI & YOUTH PLAYERS(RFU Regulation 15.2 to 15.5 refers)

The RFU has stated that the decision to allow a youth to play out of age grade (including U17 at Adult level) lies with the person in the best position to assess all the relevant circumstances, in accordance with the relevant Regulations, and they must obtain permission from the player’s parent, guardian or head teacher. Advice may be sought from CRC, RDO or CB Safeguarding team.

Playing down at U12 and below must be approved by CB, Playing up of children U11 and below is not permitted under any circumstances  see table at Regulation 15.5

CB approval is required for playing DOWN in competitions. Form is at DW playing out of age grade procedure FURTHER ADVICE AND GUIDANCE CAN BE OBTAINED FROM DAVID WOOKEY Tel: 07850 625018 – youthadmin@dwrugby.co.uk