Data Tidy-up Extension and Player Affiliation

A big thank you to clubs working through the data tidy-up and sharing feedback with us.

We know that some clubs have encountered challenges and would like longer to work through the details, and hence we have removed the July deadline. Alongside this, we will initiate more consultation with clubs. As voluntary player affiliation, see below, will commence in August, we continue to encourage clubs to work through their data to help with this.

Player affiliation

As communicated back in June from the upcoming 2021-22 season, Age Grade player registration will be replaced by annual affiliation.

All adult players will be able to voluntarily affiliate to their rugby clubs and take ownership of their record in rugby for life.

CBs and their clubs in Yorkshire, Surrey, Eastern Counties and Cornwall are engaged with us in a pilot to help us gain useful feedback on this process.

Click below for information on what affiliating to a club means and how it will help players and clubs.

Player Affiliation

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By GeraldBurden / Editor, bbp_participant, s2member_level1 on Jul 21, 2021