Name: Stuart Scott

Email: disciplinechair@dwrugby.co.uk



Name: Gerald Burden

Email: disciplinesec@dwrugby.co.uk

Tel: 07415 995087

Please note that the fee for failing to report a Red Card or a Match Official Abuse, has increased from the 12th of January 2022 to £125.00 from £100.00. This is due to the extra workload involved due to clubs failing to report an incident within 48 hours as per RFU Regulation 19.
If a club complies with the RFU Regulations within the 48-hour period, the fee will be reduced to £85.00.    

Disciplinary Sanctions for the 2021 - 2022 Season

Ref noPanelIncident DateClubNameChargeOutcomeSanctionReturn to play date
20/21-006 RFU2018-2021Swindon RFCClub5.12Proven£2,000.00 fineSuspended for 3 yrs.
Yeovil RFCSeniorPassed to Somerset
21/22-001RFU19/09/2021Dorchester RFCAge GradePassed to the RFULetter from panel chair
D&WRFU19/09/2021Dorchester RFCClub5.12ProvenImplementation of an ongoing training programme – additional sanctions could be implemented
21/22-002D&WRFU25/09/2021Calne RFCSenior9.12 & 5.12Proven4 Match ban and reprimand
21/22-003D&WRFU25/09/2021Trowbridge RFCSenior9.12Not proven
21/22-004D&WRFU25/09/2021Lytchett Minster RFCJordan Andrews9.13Proven3 Match ban17/10/2021
21/22-00525/09/2021St Austell RFCSeniorPassed to Cornwall RFU
21/22-006Club26/09/2021Bradford on Avon RFCAge Grade9.12Proven4 Match ban
21/22-007Club26/09/2021Bradford on Avon RFCAge Grade9.12Not proven
21/22-008D&WRFU09/10/2021Melksham RFCJack Tunney9.13Proven3 Match ban14/11/2021
21/22-009D&WRFU09/10/2021Poole RFCNiall Taylor9.12Proven8 Match ban16/01/2022
21/22-010D&WRFU02/10/2021Devizes RFCJohn Bramwell9.27Proven1 Match ban
21/22/-01119/06/2021Melksham RFCReported Abuse
21/22-012School13/10/2021Bishop Wordsworth’s SchoolAge Grade 9.12Proven 4 Match ban - will also referee lower age groups during his ban and also attend weekly pastoral meetings with the 6th form office
21/22-01317/10/2021WalcatAge Grade GirlsReported Abuse
21/22-014RFU17/10/2021Trowbridge RFCAge Grade Coach9.28Proven28 playing weeks ban with 4 suspended for 3 years. Subject to completing a Play it Safe and a Referees course
21/22-01523/10/2021Bracknell RFCSpectator9.28Passed to Berkshire RFU
21/22-016D&WRFU23/10/2021Swindon COB RFCSenior9.12Not proven
21/22-017D&WRFU23/10/2021Dorchester RFCAndy Dowell9.13Proven3 Match Dan
21/22-018D&WRFU20/10/2021Bournemouth UniversityChrisopher Read9.12Proven3 Weeks
21/22-019D&WRFU23/10/2021Calne RFCKeith Bradley9.27 - Two Yellow CardProven1 week
21/22-02024/10/2021Crewkerne RFCUnknownCitingPassed to Somerset RFU
21/22-021RFU17/10/2021Trowbridge RFCClub5.12 Formal Warning
21/22-022D&WRFU30/10/2021Corsham RFC Matthew Knight9.12Proven3 Match Ban28/11/2021
21/22-02330/10/2021Coombe Down RFC9.12Passed to Somerset RFU
21/22-024D&WRFU06.11/2021Bridport RFC9.28Not provenCode Value presentation to the Under 15's / 16’s
21/22-025D&WRFU07/11/2021Bridport RFC9.28ProvenSupport from Club
21/22-026D&WRFU06/11/2021Amesbury RFC Martyn Toon9.13Proven3 match ban
21/22-027D&WRFU06/11/2021Swanage & Wareham RFC9.28Not proven
20/21-028 D&WRFU14/11/2021Yeovil and Weymouth PortlandClubMatch Abandoned ProvenFormal Warning - TREADS
20/21-030School14/11/2021Claysmore SchoolTouch Judge 5.12Proven
20/21-03116/11/2021 Katherine Lady Berkeley SchoolCoach9.28Passed to Gloucestershire
21/22-032D&WRFU20/11/2021AmesburyRatu Netava Lagilagi9.20Proven2 week ban
21/22-033D&WRFU20/11/2021Swindon COBRory O'Brien9.12Proven3 Weeks
21/22-034D&WRFU20/11/2021MarlboroughManasa Cakau9.27Proven1 match ban
21/22-03521/11/2021WorthingVerbal AbusePassed to Sussex RFU
21/22-036D&WRFU04/12/2021Oakmeadians RFCRyan Beeke9.12Proven6 matches
21/22-037D&WRFU 04/12/2021Oakmeadians RFC5.12Formal Warning
21/22-038D&WRFU15/01/2022Trowbridge RFC5.12Not proven
21/22-039Club23/01/2022Sherborne RFCAge Grade9.13
21/22-040D&WRFU22/01/2022Wimborne RFCTom Dullage 9.27 ProvenSending off Sufficient
21/22-041D&WRFU15/01/2022East Dorset Dockers RFCJack Belcher9.28Proven9 match ban
21/22-042D&WRFU29/01/2022 Salisbury RFCDominic Porter9.12 Proven3 match ban
21/22-043D&WRFU29/01/2022Sutton Benger RFCMatthew Rea9.12Proven4 match ban
21/22-04405/02/2022Alton RFC9.27Passed to Hampshire RFU
21/22-045D&WRFUJanuary 2022Swindon College Old Boys RFCClub5.12Proven
21/22-04612/02/2022Yeovil RFC9.12Passed to Somerset RFU
21/22-047D&WRFU12/02/2022Dorchester RFC Adam Makepeace9.27Proven1 match ban
21/22-048D&WRFU19/02/2022North Dorset RFCAdam Geal9.12Proven3 week ban
21/22-049D&WRFU19/02/2022Weymouth & Portland RFCAndy Bowditch9.27Proven1 match ban
21/22-050D&WRFU19/02/2022Swindon College Old Boys RFCGeorge Bowditch9.12Proven2 match ban
21/22-051D&WRFU19.02/2022North Dorset RFCCharles JoblingMatch Official AbuseProvenCore Values Presentation to whole club
21/22-052D&WRFU19/02/2022Salisbury RFCWiliam Lewin9.13Proven3 week ban
21/22-053D&WRFU26/02/'2022Blandford RFCTom Davis-RichingsMatch Official AbuseProven9 match ban
21/22-05405/03/2022Frome RFC9.11Passed to Somerset RFU
21/22-055D&WRFU12/03/2022Marlborough RFCAshley Horner9.11Proven3 match ban
21/22-056D&WRFU12/03/2022Christchurch RFCCallum Gillard9.12Proven1 match ban
21/22-05713/03/2022Yeovil RFCAge Grade Coach (UN15)Match Official AbusePassed to Somerset RFU
21/22-058D&WRFU19/03/2022Swanage & Wareham RFCKeiran Taylor9.27ProvenSending off sufficient
21/22-059D&WRFU19/03/2022 Swanage & Warham RFCJohnathon Blackmore9.12Proven3 match ban
21/22-060D&WRFU26/03/2022Royal Wootton Bassett RFC Ed Shewring9.18Proven3 match ban
21/22-06126/03/2022Frome RFCPassed to Somerset RFU
21/22-062D&WRFU26/03/2022East Dorset Dockers RFC
21/22-06426/03/2022Combe Down RFCPassed to Somerset RFU
21/22-065D&WRFU26/03/2022Bournemouth RFCBen Russell9.27ProvenSending off sufficient
21/22-066D&WRFU26/03/2022Trowbridge RFC Match Official Abuse
21/22-067D&WRFU01/04/2022HMP Guys Marsh

UPDATED 12th January 2022

Every club is required to have a properly constituted Disciplinary Committee that is charged with maintaining the standards of discipline within the club. It is strongly recommended that this committee be pro-active rather than reactive.

As stated in RFU Regulation 19, in all circumstances Club Secretaries must report to the Chairman or Secretary of the Dorset & Wilts Disciplinary Panel within 48 hours after the match the name, address and contact telephone number of any player who has been ordered off the playing enclosure, including players under the age of 17. Referees are also required to submit a report in the prescribed form. (There are no exceptions to this and it applies equally to Society, to non-society referees and to those who ‘just take up the whistle’.)

In accordance with RFU Regulation 19, the Dorset & Wilts Disciplinary Panel will charge a fee of £85.00 towards the disciplinary hearing expenses. This fee rises to £125.00 if the process is not complied with.

These contributions cover the administration costs (including Panel travel), the hiring of rooms and equipment. In addition if a club is subject to a disciplinary hearing then that club must pay the costs incurred.

The charge for a citing is £125.00 and any extra expenses must be paid by the club, not by D&W RFU.

Age Grade regulation applies to School, Age Grade rugby and Representative Rugby up to and including U18's teams. Where a player aged under 18 is playing in an Under 20’s or an adult team (s)he is subject to the RFU regulations, which apply to all adult players as covered in the RFU Discipline Regulations).

If a player is sent off or cited in a school match then that player’s head teacher has the responsibility for taking disciplinary action against him or her, under the guidance of the CB Age Grade Disciplinary Secretary (CBAGDS).


The panel should ideally consist of three people.

The player must be heard and can be represented.

The hearing should be conducted in accordance with the RFU Disciplinary Regulations set out above, adapted as necessary to the circumstances.

The referee’s report will be read or details of the conduct alleged will be explained. The person appearing before the panel should be asked whether the allegations are admitted. If they are, the Panel will then hear representations in mitigation before deciding on the sanction or sentence.

If the allegations are not admitted, the Panel will hear the evidence in the following sequence:

Witnesses supporting the allegation will be heard and cross-examined.

The person against whom the allegations are made shall be entitled to give and to call evidence in rebuttal subject, again, to cross-examination.

The chairman will then invite all persons other than the members of the Disciplinary Panel to retire whilst the panel considers its decision in private.

The panel will decide whether, on the balance of probabilities, they find the case proven or not. They should provide the player with reasons for their findings.

The standard of proof in disciplinary cases is the balance of probabilities and not, as in a criminal court, beyond reasonable doubt.

The panel usually has no power to impose a fine; but it will charge the administrative fee for the hearing and it may also award reasonable travel costs incurred by witnesses against the player or player’s school or club.

The principles of natural justice, as they apply to RFU disciplinary matters, should be applied. The player must be advised of his right to appeal any decision and that (s) he must do this within 14 days of the hearing.