Welcome to the Dorset and Wilts County U15 (F)

The U15 Dorset and Wilts Team has been running for several years now and 2017 has seen a record number of players’ trialling for a place in the squad.  This has probably been due in part to the higher profile of rugby with particular focus on the recent Women’s World Cup in Ireland and the accessibility given by the mainstream media. This has been matched by the enthusiasm of girls across the area to get involved at club level.

Due to the high volume of applicants this year, a decision was made by the D&W selectors to establish a development squad to support those players who were identified as falling just short of the required level for County rugby.  It is the hope that these players will benefit from the additional support offered and in turn, be able to transition to the main squad.

It is a further hope that in future years, Dorset & Wilts will be able to establish a development pathway to support all applicants and grow the talent pool available for selection for our county squads.

 This year our team consists of players from 10 different clubs and 12 different schools from across Dorset and Wilts.

 This season we will be looking to enjoy ourselves while playing some great rugby in the true spirit of the game.

We look forward to seeing you.

The Team

Team Manager

Name Caroline Durston

Email dwgirlsugby@gmail.com

Telephone 07795 468282


Name Amie Hayden-Smith

Email amie.haydensmith@outlook.com


Name Georgina King  

Email grgnking@yahoo.co.uk

Telephone 07784 558665


Name Jenni

Email jenni@ixsportstherapy.com

Telephone 07867 432887


Training and match schedule


Reports and Information