Game Leadership Diversity & Inclusion update – 2020/21 progress

We’re keen to update you on the progress being made as part of the RFU’s commitment to improving diversity and inclusion in rugby union.
The RFU has been focussing on four key areas of the game:

1. Game Leadership – volunteer leaders within clubs, Constituent Bodies (CBs) and Council.
2. Game Play – players, coaches, match officials and club volunteers
3. Fans, Followers and Partners
4. Employees and Board

Further background on each area can be found here.

Over the next year, we will provide regular updates in each of the four work streams. In this communication, we begin by focussing on an area in which you play such an integral role and look at how we can support you in this capacity.

Game Leadership - supporting volunteer leaders at clubs, CBs and Council.

Below you can find:

• An overview of plans that will be delivered by the RFU Council D&I Implementation Working Group. The link includes a progress report on each of the 10 recommendations approved by RFU Council that this group will focus on implementing.

• A shareable jpeg visual that summarises the four key RFU D&I work streams can be downloaded here.

We will also shortly launch our Diversity and Inclusion Hub on and will promote this in upcoming Community Game Updates.

On the hub, you will find further information on plans to improve diversity in all areas of our game as we continue to create an inclusive environment for all. The hub will also house links to training and education resources to support CBs, clubs and their members.

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