Off-field guidance from Monday 19 July

Our Club Support Helpdesk FAQs are being updated with how new guidance will affect rugby clubs from Monday 19 July.

Test and Trace remains in place at least until 18 August, when further government guidance will be available.

There will inevitably be a rise in cases of Covid-19 as measures relax. We must therefore manage any risks as best we can by remaining vigilant, supporting the vaccination effort and reminding members to self-isolate if they have a positive Covid test.

It is imperative that players understand the importance of not playing or training if they are symptomatic, both because of the transmission risk but also because of the potential risks of exercising when suffering from a viral illness.

Please remind all members that the symptoms for the Delta variant are broader than the original classic three symptoms of a cough, a high temperature or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. Symptoms can also include, but are not limited to; headaches, a sore throat, a runny nose.

We should all be prepared to adapt should a spike in cases or the emergence of a new variant require us to do so.

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